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Evan Markham has a past he doesn’t want his wife—or the police—to find out about. Denver Homicide Detective Jack Fariel has a past too . . . with Evan’s wife. When someone leaves a dead body in the guest house of his Colorado estate, Evan must find the killer before Jack can expose all of Evan’s secrets. But Jack will do whatever it takes to find the truth, and he’s very good at what he does. Both men are searching for the truth. One to catch a killer, and the other to save his life.

With complex, fully developed characters, the reader will end up sympathizing with the hunter as well as the hunted. KILLING STREAK is a dark, psychological thriller that shows both the destructive and redemptive aspects of love.


An Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2013 quarterfinalist.


Publishers Weekly ~ “A web of deceit, murder, lost love, and regret, coupled with more than a few surprising twists, and sprinkled with a psycho killer or two, make for a better than average serial-killer thriller.”

“Graphic, mesmerizing and fearless writing”
– Donnell Ann Bell, author of The Past Came Hunting & Deadly Recall

“Merit Clark’s debut novel is a dark delight. She builds the tension until it becomes intolerable
and releases it in a climax that not only satisfies, it satiates. The blood in this story runs hotter than the sex, and the sex sizzles.”
– Harlen Campbell, author of Sea of Deception, Monkey on a Chain & Jennifer’s Weave